Action crime tv shows

There are many great crime action TV shows that have captivated audiences over the years. With their gruesome, suspense, at times witty one liners they have quite kept their viewers awestruck and baffled. Here are some of the best crime action TV shows:

1.Breaking Bad 

Breaking bad
Breaking bad

 Breaking Bad" is a highly acclaimed crime drama TV series that aired from 2008 to 2013. Created by Vince Gilligan, the show tells the gripping story of Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston), a high school chemistry teacher turned methamphetamine manufacturer, and his descent into the criminal underworld.  

The series follows Walter White as he teams up with a former student, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), to produce and sell high-quality methamphetamine. Driven by financial desperation and a desire to provide for his family, Walter transforms into the ruthless drug lord known as Heisenberg.

Breaking Bad is known for its complex characters, intense storytelling, and moral ambiguity. It explores themes of power, morality, and the consequences of one's actions. The show expertly balances character development with high-stakes tension, as Walter's actions have far-reaching consequences for himself, his family, and those around him.

2. The Wire 

The wire
The wire

 The Wire is a critically acclaimed crime drama TV series that aired from 2002 to 2008. Created by David Simon, the show is set in Baltimore, Maryland, and explores various institutions and aspects of the city, including law enforcement, drug trade, education, politics, and the media.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest television series of all time, "The Wire" delves into the drug trade, law enforcement, and politics in Baltimore. It offers a realistic and nuanced portrayal of crime and its impact on society.

The Wire offers a realistic and nuanced portrayal of the interconnectedness of different sectors of society and the challenges faced by those within them. Each season focuses on a different facet of Baltimore's landscape, while maintaining a core group of characters and storylines that carry over.

The series delves deep into the lives of both the police force and the criminals they pursue, offering a complex examination of the city's social and political systems. It explores themes of corruption, poverty, race, and the often futile nature of the war on drugs. "The Wire" also delves into the personal lives and motivations of its characters, creating rich and multi-dimensional portraits.

The Wire features an ensemble cast, including Dominic West, Wendell Pierce, Idris Elba, and Michael K. Williams, among others. The show is known for its authentic dialogue, compelling storytelling, and its ability to delve into the gray areas of morality and human behavior.

The main characters are:

Lance Reddick(Cedric Daniels)

Michael Kenneth Williams(Omar Little)

Dominic West(Jimmy McNulty)

Felicia Pearson(Snoop)

Wood Harris(Avon Barksdale)

3. Narcos 


 Narcos is a crime drama TV series that premiered in 2015 and consists of multiple seasons, including "Narcos" and its spin-offs, "Narcos: Mexico" and "Narcos: Rise of the Cartels." Created by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro, the show offers a fictionalized portrayal of real-life drug cartels and the law enforcement efforts to bring them down.

Based on true events, "Narcos" explores the rise and fall of the notorious drug lords of Colombia, primarily focusing on Pablo Escobar and the Medellín Cartel. The show combines action, drama, and historical events, providing an in-depth look into the drug trade.

In "Narcos: Mexico," the show shifts its focus to the emergence and expansion of the Guadalajara Cartel in Mexico in the 1980s. It explores the rise of Felix Gallardo and the subsequent efforts of DEA agents, as well as Mexican law enforcement, to dismantle the drug empire.

The main characters are:

Wagner Moura(Pablo Escobar)

Pedro Pascal(Javier Peña)

Boyd Holbrook(Steve Murphy)

Paulina Gaitan(Tata Escobar)

Joanna Christie(Connie Murphy)

4. True Detective 

True detective
True detective

 True Detective is an anthology crime drama TV series that first premiered in 2014. Created by Nic Pizzolatto, the show follows a different set of characters and storylines in each season, with each season of this anthology series presents a self-contained story featuring different characters and settings. The show follows detectives investigating complex and often disturbing crime cases, incorporating elements of mystery, suspense, and psychological depth.

The first season of "True Detective" follows two Louisiana State Police detectives, Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) and Martin Hart (Woody Harrelson), as they investigate a series of occult-related murders spanning multiple years. The narrative unfolds through multiple timelines, with a focus on the personal lives and internal struggles of the detectives.

The second season introduces a new cast and storyline. Set in California, it follows a trio of law enforcement officers—Detectives Ray Velcoro (Colin Farrell), Ani Bezzerides (Rachel McAdams), and Officer Paul Woodrugh (Taylor Kitsch)—as they uncover a conspiracy involving corruption, organized crime, and the death of a city manager.

The third season returns to a similar format as the first, exploring a new case and characters. Starring Mahershala Ali as Detective Wayne Hays, it revolves around the disappearance of two children in Arkansas and the investigation spanning several decades.

5. Sons of Anarchy 

Sons of anarchy
Sons of anarchy

 Sons of Anarchy is a crime drama TV series that aired from 2008 to 2014. Created by Kurt Sutter, the show follows the lives of an outlaw motorcycle club called the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original (SAMCRO), in the fictional town of Charming, California. It combines action, family dynamics, and moral dilemmas, showcasing the complex lives of the club members.

Throughout the show, "Sons of Anarchy" explores the complexities of the motorcycle club culture, as well as themes of loyalty, brotherhood, honor, and the consequences of a life steeped in crime. The series also delves into the power struggles between different factions, rival gangs, and law enforcement.

The main characters are:

Charlie Hunnam(Jax Teller)

Katey Sagal(Gemma Teller)

Kim Coates(Tig Trager)

Theo Rossi(Juice Ortiz)

Maggie Siff(Tara Knowles)

6. Peaky Blinders 

Peaky blinders
Peaky blinders

 Peaky Blinders is a period crime drama TV series that premiered in 2013 and concluded with its sixth season in 2021. Created by Steven Knight, the show is set in Birmingham, England, in the aftermath of World War I and follows the exploits of the Shelby crime family, led by the charismatic and ambitious Tommy Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy).

The series takes its name from the real historical gang, the Peaky Blinders, known for their distinctive peaked caps with razor blades sewn into the brims. It explores the Shelby family's rise to power and their efforts to maintain control over their criminal empire, facing threats from rival gangs, law enforcement, and political forces.

With its distinctive visual style, evocative soundtrack, and compelling storytelling, "Peaky Blinders" has garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base. The show has been praised for its attention to detail, immersive atmosphere, and its ability to create a world that blends historical authenticity with fictional narrative.

The main characters are:

Cillian Murphy(Tommy Shelby)

Paul Anderson(Arthur Shelby)

Tom Hardy(Alfie Solomons)

Helen McCrory(Polly Gray)

Sophie Rundle(Ada Shelby)

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